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Find the Hidden Cause of Your Health Challenge


Laura Fletcher, M.D., works with driven professionals who are facing a brand new health challenge during the prime of their lives. She investigates how the health challenge started and empowers you to dissolve the cause.

She uncovers which pollutants may be blocking conception and helps you remove them in order to unburden your body and Free Your Fertilityā„¢.

Find Out Where Your Health Challenge Began

Add Detective Medicine “cause-finding” alongside your current treatment program: stop the forward progress of your health challenge while simultaneously removing its roots.

Get ToxCheckĀ® Testing Not Available from Traditional Medicine

Measure the unseen impact of your daily food, drink, and product choices as well as your home, work, and travel environments -- not just your body’s functions.

Experience Personalized In-depth Collaboration

Go beyond the typical “5-minute checkup” to gain the advantage of a doctor who takes the time to understand what is unique about you and your day-to-day life.

Watch the 5-Step Process


To find out if this approach is a fit for you, request a free 20-minute consultation.

"Dr. Fletcher has opened my eyes about so many toxic chemicals in our environment and even at home that I was oblivious to."

Santa Barbara, California

"I have been so fortunate to work with Dr. Fletcher for the last three months. Dr. Fletcher has been very patient, kind and caring towards me."

San Diego, California

"Dr. Fletcher was very accessible, very helpful, easy to talk to, and always full of information, knowledge and resources for further exploration."

Venice, California

"Dr. Fletcher has helped me make lifestyle changes that optimize ways for my body to get rid of the high levels of toxins we found. It has only been a few short months that I have made these significant lifestyle changes but already I feel positively different!"

Los Angeles, California

Unburden your body and Free Your Health™

Find out how to get your health back.


Meet Laura Fletcher, M.D.

Beyond the traditional paradigm of “diagnosis” and “treatment”, there is something that sets your health challenge in motion. Dr. Fletcher learned how to deconstruct disease and reverse it from its source out of necessity when she became sick ten years ago. She now shares this innovative approach, helping you find these unseen causes and remove them so you can reclaim your health, just as she did.

Educated at Stanford and Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Fletcher has been solving medical challenges for over 20 years.


Moving Beyond Diagnosis

Undoing chronic disease by finding and reversing the causes


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